Monday, October 31, 2011

persuasive letter

I have found a persuasive letter by students requesting to change their seats in their class. These students are writing a letter to their teacher requesting to be able to sit next to their friends, instead of sitting next to the boys that they are currently next to. It seems as if the girls are trying to use a type of approach where the teacher would feel bad that they aren't happy with their seats. The audience this letter targets is the girls' teacher, it is trying to communicate the fact that these girls aren't happy with their seating arrangement, and I do not believe it does an effective job. The students seem as if they aren't educated enough to be writing a correct persuasive letter. I myself am not persuaded by this letter, and to write it better, I would change the entire letter completely. I would correct the grammer, as well as the format. This overall was not a well structured or well-formatted persuasion letter.

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