Monday, October 3, 2011


Responding to messages that cause you to have a negative emotional response can something be tough. However, for me personally, I try my best to handle negative emotional responses in a mature manner where I try not to show too much emotion. Although negative responses cause me to become emotional about something, I try not to let it affect my responses. For example, before this year at Coastal, I had attended a community college back at home in New Jersey. At my community college, there wasn't a huge amount of parking. Therefore, I was late to class one day when we had a test. My teacher told me that since I was a few minutes late, I wasn't allowed to take the test. So I went home and Emailed her to try and reschedule it. She emailed back and told me that since I came in late, I couldn't retake the test and I had to get a 0% on the test. Of course, since this was my education, I was very upset that I had earned a 0% on a test. I responded to her Email with maturity and accepted the fact that I was late on my own and I had earned the grade I was given.

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