Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jobs and Resumes

Finding a Job : My reaction to this video was that it helps and gives a variety of ways to look for jobs. Many people don't know where to turn when beginning the search for a job, and this video gives options. This video was helpful because along with all the different options of ways to look for jobs, the video also explains the advantages and disadvantages of each method. I learned from this video which methods of searching for a job were best, and which ones could give me the widest options of jobs.
Ten Commandments of Resumes : From this I have learned a little bit more about resumes. It gives 10 basic but important tips for writing good resumes, which will help me in the long run to create a greate resume to get a great job. It also focuses on the importance of focusing on employer's needs, not your own. This would help any person who needed help on making a resume for a job.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


In the past, I've had classes in high school to help me write resumes, my guidance counselors would help me write resumes. However, everyone had their own rules and opinions on what to do while writing and putting together a resume. I've made them for school classes and such, but no job that I have ever had needed a resume to hire me. In the past, I was told a resume should only be 1 page long. Otherwise people won't want to read it. Now, today, I am told two pages is the required length for these documents. Resumes are not supposed to be short and sweet, but they are to be filled with all of your accomplishments, which is what any employer would want to see. In general, I believe that resumes that are filled with accomplishments (today's rules) are the better choice. People are hired on what they've experienced/accomplished/been a part of/etc, therefore if I were to make a resume today, I would include every aspect of my education, recreational activities, and other major and important factors in my life. I would put references, I would describe myself complete and to the fullest, and I would try my best to make it as professional as possible.

Monday, October 31, 2011

persuasive letter

I have found a persuasive letter by students requesting to change their seats in their class. These students are writing a letter to their teacher requesting to be able to sit next to their friends, instead of sitting next to the boys that they are currently next to. It seems as if the girls are trying to use a type of approach where the teacher would feel bad that they aren't happy with their seats. The audience this letter targets is the girls' teacher, it is trying to communicate the fact that these girls aren't happy with their seating arrangement, and I do not believe it does an effective job. The students seem as if they aren't educated enough to be writing a correct persuasive letter. I myself am not persuaded by this letter, and to write it better, I would change the entire letter completely. I would correct the grammer, as well as the format. This overall was not a well structured or well-formatted persuasion letter.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Responding to messages that cause you to have a negative emotional response can something be tough. However, for me personally, I try my best to handle negative emotional responses in a mature manner where I try not to show too much emotion. Although negative responses cause me to become emotional about something, I try not to let it affect my responses. For example, before this year at Coastal, I had attended a community college back at home in New Jersey. At my community college, there wasn't a huge amount of parking. Therefore, I was late to class one day when we had a test. My teacher told me that since I was a few minutes late, I wasn't allowed to take the test. So I went home and Emailed her to try and reschedule it. She emailed back and told me that since I came in late, I couldn't retake the test and I had to get a 0% on the test. Of course, since this was my education, I was very upset that I had earned a 0% on a test. I responded to her Email with maturity and accepted the fact that I was late on my own and I had earned the grade I was given.

Monday, September 19, 2011

business letter format

 business letter

In this business letter that I found, I find the format to be appropriate in this situation. In the letter, the president of SavbizCor Ltd is thanking Ms. Edwards,  the financial manager of Barnelli Ltd, for the excellent job that the company did in arranging financing for SavbizCor's project. Dixie Cleverelle clearly states how they were impressed with all their knowledge of financing and investment banking. The writer was very specific to their reasoning as to why the letter was written; Ms. Edwards was being thanked for her company's actions and told they would not hesitate to recommend her firm to any other company seeking the best representation. Everything was clearly written and it was right to the point. The grammar was correct and the word structure was written in a business format matter.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Websites of companies

I don’t agree with the fact that businesses make their websites using overly formal, corporate-speak. I feel that if a company is making their website for the viewing of it’s consumers, they should keep their sentences and advertisements short and simple. If I were on a website and it was hard for me to understand the writing, I wouldn’t waste my time trying to figure out what it says. Therefore, I feel that I can speak for all customers when I say that we like our websites to be easy to understand and easy to navigate. Maybe companies still continue to do this for the purpose of other companies seeing it. Companies who are rivals, compete against each other by who has the better structured website. There are two different reasons for making a website by a company: for the viewing and consuming of potential customers, and for competition of other rivaling companies.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Insurance Email

In the attached inter-office e-mail, there are a few spelling errors, which are probably because it was from an insurance firm in England. However, this seems to be an email regarding changes within this certain business. These changes can and should be explained a little more clear and available to be read by multiple readers. This specific email would have sufficed with the use of short words, which would make it easier for everyone who is reading it to be able to comprehend. There are also many technical words and initials, which are difficult to understand sometimes.

Blogs linked to business communication.

  • LinkedIn Blog- The first blog about the company LinkedIn was very interesting. It showed just about every fun and informational event and assignment this guy was a part of. I liked a lot of what he was saying, but what I enjoyed the most was when he told us that every Thursday someone shares what they are working on to everyone, and they get feedback. This is a prime example in business communication face-to-face. This man was getting feedback from his co-workers; positive or negative, feedback is always a good thing!
  • Zappos Blog- I especially liked the blog about Zappos because it showed more than just how the business was ran. This blog explained everything leading up to the business, and more. It was refreshing to read something that someone wrote where they were so joyful and happy about their own company.
  • Whole Foods Blog- I am in love with this blog! Not only does it show what the company is about, but it gives a demonstration with instructions on how to do something to make a small, positive difference in the world. The next blog by Whole Foods is also great. They are promoting their company in such a healthy, giving way.
These blogs are a form of business communication because they explain different techniques, promotions, ideas, etc within the companies.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


My name is Katie Genevieve Holland.I am a student at Coastal Carolina University, where my major is currently Undecided. I was told to make a blog for my English class, and here it is. Right now I am being introduced to the world of "blogging" as well as introducing myself to you. I took this course to fulfill requirements for college, however, this class will definitely help me improve my writing skills. I expect to improve a lot from this class, as well as gain knowledge within the writing/business world. With that being said, hopefully, my next and upcoming blog posts will be better than this one. Bye!